Salmonfest Radio

Protect What You Love Episode 1

January 3, 2021

Introducing the first episode of Salmonfest Radio: An hour of fish, fun, and music. Episode 1: Protect What You Love features the funky crowd favorite band Diggin’ Dirt with music recorded from their 2019 Salmonfest set and a special backstage interview. We will hear from Georgie Heaverly, a young Cook Inlet commercial fisherwoman and fisher poet, during our first Salmon Champion segment. Whether it be testifying during board meetings or uplifting the fishermen way of life through art and poetry, Georgie encourages all commercial fishermen, and especially the next generation to get involved in the decision making that affects their livelihoods. This episode is woven together by our hosts, Dave Aplin and Satchel Pondolfino.


Featured Music:

Diggin Dirt

Kitchen Dwellers

Ava Earl

Rainbow Girls

Ratfish Wranglers


Poem by Georgie Heaverly “Protect What You Love”  

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