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Salmon Sorrows and Joys Episode 3

February 12, 2021

Salmonfest Radio Episode 3 Salmon Sorrows and Joys brings us back to what's at the heart of Salmonfest: protecting Bristol Bay and Alaskan salmon communities. Both our musical feature Banjo Rion, and our Salmon Champion Lydia Olympic are deeply rooted to Bristol Bay, Rion as a commercial fishermen and Lydia, a Yupik woman from Igiugig. Each interview reminds us why we must continue to fight the Pebble Mine and what's at stake. Per usual our hosts Dave and Satchel will layer this episode with music recorded at Salmonfest because our salmon movement is stronger with more joy, music and salmon centric dance moves. 


Featured Music: 

The Sweet Lillies featuring Banjo Rion 

Ratfish Wranglers

Hope Social Club


Blackwater Railroad Co. 


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