Salmonfest Radio

The Call to Protect Bristol Bay Episode 4

February 14, 2021

Salmonfest Radio presents Episode 4 The Call to Protect Bristol Bay. Let the soulful grooves of the California Honey Drops on stage Salmonfest 2019 break you out of a midwinter lul and hear our exclusive backstage interview as we dig into the heart of things with lead singer and trumpet player, Lech Wierzynski.  Bristol Bay has been deemed the last salmon stronghold in the world, yet the threat of Pebble Mine and mines like it still loom over the region. Our hosts Dave and Satchel will bring listeners up to speed on the Pebble Mine saga to make way for our Salmon Champion, Rachel James, who puts her soul into her work holding a coalition of people working to protect Bristol Bay together. Rachel shares with us the two-step solution the local people are calling for to protect the salmon culture and economy in Bristol Bay for the long haul. 


Featured Music:


California Honey Drops

Steve Poltz

Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise

Wookie Foot

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